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Thank You for considering to use or become one of The Up In Smoke Theatre Company's Entertainers.

With a background based in theatre, the overall performance of any artist is something that we take seriously and try to promote.
Not just the ability of a singers vocal talents or a DJ's repetoire of music, but the full package is so important and is perhaps the single quality that is helping our business grow to the point that Mid-summers day 2008 has been our busiest day ever.

Our acts are being booked and re-booked due to their wonderful etiquette, professional manner, reliabilty and, equally vital, talent.

We also do our very best to ensure that we can offer variety for our potential clients and will do everything in our power to create the event they desire in any and every way we can, from writing unique one-off scripts & performaces, enhancing the surroundings with ambient lighting or sound effects or providing those extra little bits (like putting you in contact with caterers or even bars and casinos).

Our acts range from a wonderful contortionist, mind-readers, speciality acts, comedians, multiple DJ's, discos, karaokes and bands, bouncy castles, extra-ordinary firework displays through to a full circus (and pretty much everything between).

Many of our acts are full time professionals with a wealth of experience and TV or film exposure, and some are doing a vocational job that they really enjoy!
And that seems to be the key!
We and our acts feel very privaledged that people choose us to assist them in the best days of their lives and it is an honour and hugely gratifying for all of us involved to be responsible for smiles, laughter and happy memories that our clients treasure for a lifetime.

Please get in touch if there is ANY form of entertainment you need. You can be certain that no matter how odd, troublesome or difficult your event seems, we will do our very best to make it perfect!

Please send us an email by CLICKING HERE with your requirements. Don't be afraid to ask!

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