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As well as selling equipment, here at Up In Smoke we also have an extensive range of kit for hire. As a general rule, we are more than happy to hire out anything we can get in. This includes all of the products featured on the website which are for sale, as well as more besides.

Since we are so versatile in what we will hire out, we do not have set prices. We tailor our hire packages to suit your exact needs, so we will not force you to hire add-ons which you don't want or require. Having said this, we are confident that we can beat any genuine quote, so please feel free to mention what other companies have offered and how much they will charge, and we will take this into consideration when negotiating a fee.

Remember, we can hire anything from a single smoke machine to all the equipment you will need to put on a full show. We have wide ranges of sound and lighting kit as well as more novel items such as snow and bubble machines.

Recent examples of what we have hired out include a Twelve Inch Mirror Ball (£2.50), Outdoor Speakers for a festival complete with Amps and Microphones (£150), Microphone, Speakers and PA combo (£60), Single Smoke Machine (£5), Par Can System (8 cans & stand & controller) (£75) and complete PA system (2x powered speakers, cables, 3x Microphones with stands & sound board) (£100).
(N.B. All prices exclude VAT at 20%)

And don't worry if all this talk of technical equipment confuses you, and you haven't a clue what kit you need to produce a particular effect. Here at Up In Smoke we have a team of very patient and friendly staff armed with expert knowledge of the products available, who are more than happy to translate technical jargon into human terms!

For more information or for enquiries about our hire stock and prices, please call Up In Smoke on 01747 835666 or e-mail

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